Welcome to Indoor Fountains. NOTE that though we are in development you may use the site, make purchases, read the blog and make inquiries.

When you own one of these fountains you own what no one else on the planet has or ever will have. Why?

  • Because each is a unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind ceramic work of art.
  • Each fountain is made of what it appears – no resins or plastics, only real ceramics, in-house glazes and where used, pure copper and glass enamel.
  • Each fountain is  designed to work perfectly, while adding beauty to your home and pleasure to your life.
  • Made to last a lifetime.

Beautiful Indoor Fountains Handmade From Real Materials

At Indoor Fountains

we create, by hand, beautiful fountains for your home, studio and office. Our fountains are made of the materials they seem to be made of;  real ceramics, real stone & wood and real copper & glass, created by a small team of artists in our studio in Cambridge, New York.

Indoor Water Fountains For Many Uses

We offer a variety of indoor fountains for different purposes. You can purchase a small desktop fountain or a larger tabletop fountain, an indoor fountains with LED lights or a fountain for aromatherapy. We create fountains with built-in planters and fountains with enameled copper.

We make the highest quality of indoor water features to be found anywhere and we never use ‘resin’, which is plastic, or any other fake material, and our fountains are not made in molds but are all one-of-a-kind, made by hand.

Our prices may be higher than you may be used to seeing because our fountains are of a quality you are not used to seeing and are unique in the world of indoor fountains. We hope you enjoy our work.

ceramic indoor fountain