Cat Fountains Available at ThirstyCat Fountains

ThirstyCat Fountains is the sister site of Indoor Fountains. All the fountains you will find on ThirstyCats are designed and made specifically for cats. The differences between ThirstyCat fountains and Indoor Fountains are primarily in complexity and in addition, ThirstyCat fountains all have a foam filter to prevent cat hair and other such debris from entering the pump. Those are not necessary for the fountains here on indoor fountains.

The materials for both fountain types are 100% food safe. Both indoor fountains and Thirstycat fountains are made of high-fire stoneware and glazed in 100% food safe glazes. We use no toxic colorants or toxic minerals of any kind.

If you do purchase a fountain from this site you want to use for your cat please be sure it is not a fountain with lights as the battery in the lights could leak into the water. This is highly unlikely but due diligence suggests you not risk it.

If you are interested in a cat fountain (which do also make fine indoor fountains for home decor), please visit our ThirstyCat fountains shop.