Indoor Fountains For Your Desk

A Desktop Fountain Will Add Another Dimension to Your Office

There is no need to be surrounded at work by only purely functional elements – a computer, paperwork & files, phone and other tools necessary for conducting your daily business. The addition of a desktop fountain can completely change your relationship to your workspace by bringing those qualities that naturally accompany moving water and its gentle sounds of water falling into water.

Before choosing a fountain for your desk there are a few things to keep in mind, apart from aesthetic considerations such as shape, style and color of your desktop fountain. Take into consideration how you use your desk on a daily/weekly basis and choose a desk fountain that will easily fit where you want it without ever being in the way of your work. If you have to move your fountain around, you will likely become not so happy with it. So, unless your a CEO of a Fortune 500 company with a room sized desk you might want a fairly small fountain for your desk, placed out of the way but in view and where it is easily topped off or removed for occasional cleaning.

desktop fountain

If the desktop fountain is a design that also provides water sounds then you will want it where you can hear it too. Normally eighteen inches to three feet from your chair works well.  

Aesthetic possibilities, apart from color and bowl shape, are the fountain design elements. If you want a fountain with clearly visible moving water one of our many stream fountains may serve you well. This will provide both visual and aural experiences. You might also want a fountain with underwater led lights and a remote control but be careful of overdoing it and making your desk fountain distracting. We recommend keeping your desktop fountain fairly simple, with gentle aural sounds if you like. We’re all different though and there are some who want the lights too.

Finally, you can add pleasing and even healthful scents. You can transform your desktop fountain into an aroma therapy fountain, for which we have special designs which work very well. There are many essential oils to choose from, from the very floral (rose) to the almost medicinal (eucalyptus). If you use just a few drops you can create a delicate scent that should not be offensive to your colleagues (but check first) and which will bring yet another dimension to your work area.