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Indoor Fountains For Essential Oils

There are several methods for dispensing essential oils from simply inhaling directly from the bottles to ultrasonic diffusers with a wide range of options between, including reed difusers, difusers which heat the oils, nebulizeres and many more ranging in price from under $20 to just under $400.

We feel essential oils in gently agitating water is the most natural, and in our case, most attractive option available.

The gentle motion of the water releases the oils into the air without using heat, which can adversely modify the molecular makeup of the oils. We make fountains specifically for this purposem however most of our fountains are excellent at dispersing essential oils.

If you want to scent a small area, your office, for example, a few drops of oil will last several days. For a larger area use more oil. A medium sized fountain will beautifully fragrance a 200 sq. ft. room for two days with several drops of oil, while adding beauty and, if you wish, the lovely sounds of water and/or light to the room. Only ThirstyCats Essential Oil dispersal Fountains are completely handmade of high quality ceramics and in-house glazes.

Different Designs For Essential Oil Dispersal

Our Flower Fountain gives a stream of water, providing the lovely sound of water gently falling into water. Our Piazza design is silent. Water fills the upper basin and slips over the rim into the bowl. Our Cloud Essential Oil Dispersal can be bought either with or without submersible lights and a remote control for enhanced beauty.

What they all have in common is that they gently agitate the water, releasing the fragrances of the oils into the air.

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