Most Frequently Asked Questions & Their Answers

All the fountains are made of what they seem to be made of (unlike so many other indoor fountains) – high-fired ceramics (to 2,232°) with in-house glazes made from raw minerals, 99.9% pure copper, enamel glass fused to copper at 1500°, real wood & stones.

In our studio in Cambridge, New York by a team of five artists/artisans. See our About Us Page.

Each fountain has an aquarium, recirculating pump which delivers the water to its outsource. The pumps are adjustable, removeable and can (and should be) cleaned periodically. It’s easy.

Occasional wiping out with a sponge and warm soapy water, or even better, white vinegar. The pump should be cleaned periodically and for that here is a video. We also provide an additive you put in the water to reduce the need for cleaning. Our fountains are easy to maintain.

We do not include plants. We do give you a list of plants we feel are suitable for any given fountain and a source from which to purchase them. They are all miniatures, meaning they will never get large. A miniature plant is a plant that due to its genetics simply grows very slowly and stays small. They come perfectly suited for immediate use.

These indoor fountains are made of the same food-safe ceramics – clay and glazes as our cat fountains sold at www.thirstycatfountains.com. However, the fountains at ThirstyCats were designed specifically for cats and each comes with a foam filter to keep cat hair and food out of the pump. Our Indoor Fountains do not have a filter as they are not needed, and many are considerably more elaborate and not really suitable for cat fountains.

If it is cat fountains you are seeking you can visit ThirstyCat Fountain Shop.