home accents


We like to think of our fountains as being far more than accents for your home yet the fact is they happen to make great and completely unique home décor accessories. Each fountain combines beautiful form in time honored, handmade ceramics with vibrant color and the motion and sound of moving water. What other items of our home decor can offer so much?

Beautiful ceramic works of art in the classical style, (that is to say, not in the style of the latest fad), are timeless. Add flowing water and they are all the more delightful, bringing the dimensions of visible motion and gentle sounds to your living space. Given reasonable care such works will last a lifetime and never be out of fashion. That’s quite a lot of giving from a home accent.

 Home Accents

are appropriate for many. if not every room of your home. But rather than simply placing items anywhere, there are some design principles it can be helpful to be aware of.

Unity is the most basic principle of art and in our view the single most important criteria for determing something to be art. Unity does not mean ‘sameness’, it means harmony between and among objects and spaces such that all the elements work together to create a single composition that is balanced, congruous and a unified whole.

Imagine an animal with the head of a horse, the body of a dog, legs of a cat, tail of an aligator. Such a creature would be quite disturbing for one simple reason; it lacks all semblance of unity. The same idea holds for everything we attempt to make beautiful.

A room can contain many different and a great variety of elements but they need to relate to one another, and again, relating doesn’t necessarily mean sharing the same characteristics. For example the principle of contrast – in texture, color, size, etc. can be very effective in placing objects in relation to one another, equally as much as visible harmonies.

Look at this room shown above, for example. There are the obvious and pleasing harmonies of colors with the cushions, the fountain in the forground and the wall art, as well as textural contrasts betwee the fabrics and glass, wood and ceramic pieces. Elements are all relating to one another and to the whole, creating a balanced unity.

Focal Point

Another role a home accent can play, and quite a vital one at that, is as a focal point. A scattered arrangement of elements – furniture, furnishings, accents etc. can give the eye no place to settle so our viewing becomes aimless and we become restless. Even a simple focal point, again, as illustrated in this living room shown with the ceramic fountain in the left foreground and the three part wall art, at the back right and which stands out from the wall both serve this purpose, allowing the eye to rest before commencing another survey of the room. Their juxtaposition from front to back and left to right brings a bit of dynamism and motion to the scene. You can read more about focal points here.