How Indoor Fountains-Us Began

We remain devoted to creating the highest quality cat fountains worldwide. You might say that is a calling and and one we have no intention of abondoning.

But we can now offer Indoor Fountains as well, with a degree of  elaboration that would simply be inappropriate for fountains for cats.

For a fountain to be specifically for a cat there are definite parameters that must be considered.  For example, if it is too complex it will be too hard to clean (an indoor fountain not used by pets doesn’t require as frequent cleaning.) It also shouldn’t be too elaborate or it make break with weekly cleanings. The center piece needs to be able to accomodate a foam filter (which is not necessary with an indoor fountain), and of course size is a factor.

In 2008 we (Jackie & Keith) began making miniature gardens and small indoor fountains as an enjoyable, exciting and satisfying hobby. We found our cat Bijou using the fountains we put around the house – (this is the one to the left, and that the moment that lit the lightbulb) – far more than we ever saw him using his water dish.

The illuminated lightbulb led immediatly to a Google search and the discovery of the very fact of cat fountains. And, to the realization that the market was dominated by unattractive, unhealthful plastic cat fountains. ThirstyCat Fountains was born. Through good fortune (and a bit of hard work), has thrived.

In that persuit of creating cat fountains we abondoned indoor fountains from then till now. There simply has not been the time or sufficient resources to do both.

With our current crew, however, drawing upon all our talents, training and dedication we are now able to add indoor fountains to our endeavors.

We have many plans for indoor fountain designs and we are all very excited to finally be able to begin offering them to you. Our current listings are just the beginning as we explore completely new designs as well as continue to develop our current, pond themes, bouquets and sea coral themes.

Miniature garden using a variety of miniature plants in a wheel-thrown a thrown bowl

A few of our original miniature gardens and small indoor fountains from 2008 with Bijou