humidifying fountain

Indoor Fountains To Humidify Your Space

Humidifying fountains 

can be a valuable addition to your home or office because they add the much needed element of moisture to a room. Dry air can be fatiguing, dry out your mucous membranes, hair, eyes and exterior skin and cause considerable irritation, especially during the winter months. A humidifying indoor fountain can counteract all these effects as well as provide other benefits.

All fountains will provide moisture to a room. Those with falling water, as those shown here, are most effective in dispersing those so vital Negative Ions.

Humidifying Indoor Fountain & Negative Ions

Nearly everyone enjoys and benefits from being near the ocean, a river or stream. This is in part because water moving through the air creates those mysterious negative ions that are said to be vitalizing and healthful. An indoor fountain is a very small version of this and will also bring these benefits. It also provides a pleasing visual experience and the delights of gentle water sounds, if you like. We also make humidifying fountains that are completely silent.

humidifying indoor fountainsRight Amount Of Moisture

Those devices designed as humidifiers often put too much moisture into the air. In addition, they are often unappealing in appearance and almost always made of plastic. Our 100% handmade ceramic humidifying fountains, contrarily, will give just the right amount of moisture to a small or medium sized room and are a pleasure to behold. We recommend our larger fountains with free-falling water for this, as well as the raised bubble-up fountains. Generally, the larger the room the larger should be the fountain. Care for these is easy, just top off once in a while and clean once a week with warm, soapy water.