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Create A Unique Focal Point With an Indoor Fountain

An Indoor Fountain Makes A Great Focal Point

Many a room and portion of a room need a visual anchor – a focal point to give direction to our survey of the room as we look around, enjoying its decor and to help balance other elements and to bring interest to a particular area.

Indoor Fountains are great for this. Not only do they attract the eye, they provide color, motion and aural pleasures. They provide a quality of livliness not otherwise found in a room filled with static components.

The example shown here is very much underplayed. A larger, more dramatic fountain would also work, and possibly better unless understatment is what is prferred (as was the case here).

A tabletop fountain, for example, placed on a central table or even a side table can do wonders for enhancing the beauty and interest of a room. If the room is small than a desktop fountain, normally of a smaller size than a tabletop fountain will work well.

Many an interior designer will determine the focal point at the outset, then design the room around that. When introducing an indoor fountain as a focal point that is not practical so where you place the fountain is important if you wish it to serve this purpose.

It should be somewhere the eye will naturally go to even without the fountain but with an indoor fountain as a focal point in that particular place the effect will be enhanced and the establishing that portion of the room as a focal point will be complete.

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