Water is a Crucial Element In the Practice of Feng Shui

Feng Shui

at the most basic level, is the practice of harmonizing the surrounding environment with the individuals occupying those places through the use of energy which can be derived from objects and actions.  It is the relationship between these objects and actions where the possibilities for harmony and free flowing qi (pronounced ‘chee’ which at its simplest level refers to life energy), can be developed and refined.The words, Feng Shui translate literally to ‘wind’ ‘water’ and as a practice is one of the five arts of Chinese metaphysics.

Feng Shui practitioners consider water and fountains to be vital in the creation and sustainment of several important qualities in our lives.

“The deep aspects of water are connected to wisdom, insight and intuition, while the more flowing side of water represents our social connections and how we interact with the world around us” says Anjie Cho, at The Spruce. She goes on to say that flowing water is related to wealth, abundance, and cash flow. “You may already be familiar with fountains being used for this purpose, and it can be quite effective. If you are using a fountain to invite wealth and prosperity, there are a few areas of your home where it might be most effective…”

Ms. Cho says too, “The constant movement of water in a fountain can also be helpful to stir up the qi in your home. One of the main goals of feng shui is to adjust the flow of qi in a space, which includes making sure that it can move freely. Qi that is not flowing becomes stale or stagnant, and when this happens, we can become stuck in areas of our lives as well.”

Here is more on the benefits of indoor water features.

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