Tabletop Water Fountain With LED Lights

A tabletop water fountain,and especially a tabletop fountain with lights, can be a magical meansindoor fountain with lights

of setting a mood or theme within a room. Not only do lit indoor fountains give you the element of the light, you have both the visual and aural effects of the moving water, and with our fountains, the beauty of ceramics. This combination can be enormously pleasing.

indoor lightingWhen the room is darkened, this cloud fountain below creates an Aurora Borealis effect on the walls and ceiling. It really is quite captivating, beyond what these images can show.

The underwater led lights we offer in these fountain are the longest lasting (they come with two batteries each), as well as the most effective. With the remote you can turn the lights on and off while they are in the fountain, select the color range and determine the transitions; smooth, strobe, fade or flash. We provide two lights and one remote with each fountain that offers lights. The remote controls both 

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The Cloud fountain, shown here with one of our lid designs, comes with other, all hand-carved designs.