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Indoor Water Fountains For Tabletops

Tabletop Fountains

bring a quality of life and livliness to a room and because of the soothing nature of flowing water, a sense of peace as well. In addition there are health benefits to having fountains in your home.

Tabletop fountains

are usually compact fountains which can be easily placed in different locations within a room or in different rooms. At Indoor Fountains Us they come in an increasing variety of designs. (We are always creating new designs).

Tabletop fountains are less expensive than floor and wall fountains and are normally placed on countertops, desks, dressers and tabletops. They all feature moving water and many have quite noticeable and attractive displays of water falling or streaming, which adds both to their visual as well as their auditory appeal. (We also make fountains for humidification, for their auditory appeal as well as for aromatherapy without much visual display of moving water).

Some of our tabletop fountains have LED lights which can give quite the captivating effect in a darkened room. Others feature a pure copper component, ceramic figurines such as a streaming frog, koi fish, porcelain fishermen and other delightful ornaments. All our fountains are completely handmade of natural materials. We use nothing artificial.